Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Whisperer

I’m going to discribe the difference about whether you should use Cesar Millan’s dog training system, hello dog lovers my name is Saro I’m a dog trainer and also coach dog to train your dog

If you want to become an educated dog lover and have a well-behaved balanced happy and healthy dog consider reading this and hope you understand the difference between two types of dog training, I’m going to talk about Cesar Millan better known as the dog whisperer and whether you should use his training system or not

Cesar Millan is a dog rehabilitator

There is a difference between pet training and rehabilitation, let me first explain what dog training is, dog training is introducing a new form of communication with our dogs, where we introduce commands and we teach our dogs to start learning and listening to us with those commands.

When we teach our dogs those commands we can then have a direct communication with our dogs so we can tell them what we want them to do, and what not to do.How to train Dogs

Rehabilitation is a task that we have to carry out when a dog has already developed some form of behavior or bad behaviors and we try to remove or correct those bad behaviors by replacing them with some good behaviors,

That is what Cesar Millan does.

He replaces the bad behavior that the dog had with a new behavior or correct behavior, so that in order for us to be able to rehabilitate the dog to allow a normal or average person to have a form of communication with their dogs, that’s where the training comes in handy,

So first you have to teach and train your dog and then move to rehabilitation if you have a dog who has behavioral issues, therefore it doesn’t work if you just start using his system or his theory and method with a puppy, with a new dog you’ve got to first establish a language between you and your dog in order to be able to rehabilitate your dog.

The dog whisperer

Don’t get me wrong Cesar Millan is great at what he does, he’s a great person and has made a big difference in the dog world, he’s had a big impact on a lot of dog owners around the world, but I believe there is not enough people like him.

He inspired me to become a dog educator/ trainer and inspired all dog owners around the world to become educated dog lovers and owners. I hope you have realized that you should start training your dog first with the basic obedience and then get into rehabilitation if you have a dog who has major behavioral issue.

I hope you liked this content showing the difference between rehabilitation and dog training, you can start educating yourself now you have read the difference in two types of training.

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