Dog Obedience School

Dog Obedience School

Dog Obedience

I’m going to explain to you what obedience dog training is,  I’m a dog trainer and I coach dog owners, if this is your first time on a tutorial and you want to become an educated dog lover please read on.

What is dog obedience training ? obedience training is a communication system that you develop between you and your dog in order for you to be able to communicate to your dog your instructions that you wish carried out.

Over many years humans have developed a system that we teach our dogs a few commands so that the dog can listen to us and obey us when we call them some commands,these commands are sit, stay, come, lie down, stand and maybe few others.

Dog Obedience Training

Teaching a dog these simple commands or simple cues helps you to have a communication system between you and your dog so you can tell your dog what to do in certain situations and certain conditions and different locations.

So that your dog is able to understand your commands and does what you’re asking, you probably will have a dog which is under control.

Usually obedience training is divided into few sessions, it should starts with puppy basic obedience training, and then you get into basic obedience training, after that intermediate level and then advanced level of obedience training.

After that I moving onto off leash obedience training, most dog obedience trainings start with on leash and some choose to start with off leash, although I would recommend always to start training your dog on leash, with basic obedience.

In general it is you learning a new language and then once you learn this new language you teach it to your dog, so learn the language / instructions for the basic obedience, once you have learned that then you start teaching it to your dog once your dog, he learns and knows that language as well.

Dog Obedience Classes

Then the next part three or Step three is that are now able to communicate to your dog and now he/she knows what to do and knows what to expect from you, your dog will know you both are speaking the same language, now is the time that you can actually start implementing new behavior patterns and also help your dog to change bad behaviors that you have been experiencing.

So your dog now knows what obedience is, and what you expect from your dog to be obedient, that’s when you can start and enjoy taking him for walks in future.

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